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About Lhasa Limited

• Lhasa Limited is a not-for-profit organisation with over 30 years of experience
• Lhasa specialises in the development of software solutions for the life sciences and believes in collaboration or, in other words, ‘shared knowledge, shared progress’
• Lhasa’s products include Derek Nexus, Sarah Nexus, Meteor Nexus, Vitic Nexus, Zeneth and more recently, Mirabilis

Lhasa Limited is an active, scientific research organisation working to promote the use of computer aided reasoning in chemistry and the life sciences. Our areas of specialisation include the development of software for toxicology and metabolism prediction, and data management. Working closely with Lhasa Limited members and the broader scientific community, Lhasa continues to draw on over 30 years of experience to create user-friendly, state-of-the-art in silico prediction and database systems.

Lhasa Limited was founded on the basis of data and knowledge sharing. Building on its reputation as the eponymous ‘honest broker’, Lhasa Limited has continued to work on the basis of ‘shared knowledge, shared progress’ for more than 30 years. Over this time, Lhasa has regularly been trusted with proprietary data and this can be seen in the many successful consortia that we continue to be involved in. The sustained success of such consortia is demonstrative of how working with Lhasa has a positive impact on the research and development process of its members.

Lhasa’s products include the Derek Nexus expert system for predicting toxicity, Sarah Nexus, a transparent statistical system for predicting mutagenicity, Vitic Nexus for managing chemical data and information, Meteor Nexus for predicting metabolic fate and Zeneth for predicting forced degradation pathways. More recently, Lhasa Limited has worked with members on the development of Mirabilis, a tool for assessing the relative purging of mutagenic impurities.


About Molecular Networks

• Molecular Networks specialises in chemoinformatics with a focus on in silico profiling, evaluation and assessment
• Molecular Networks have a wide range of products including software tools, databases and decision support systems

Molecular Networks GmbH provides multifaceted, innovative software to the chemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The company's core strength and expertise is chemoinformatics with a focus on applications for in silico profiling, evaluating and assessing chemical compounds and finding new chemical entities.

Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Nürnberg, Germany, Molecular Networks' technology is utilised worldwide in major industrial and academic research and discovery laboratories to design and optimize chemical products and processes. Molecular Networks' product portfolio comprises a variety of software tools, databases and decision support systems in the area of in silico modelling and prediction of chemical, physical and biological properties of chemical compounds including their chemical reactivity and metabolic or environmental fate.

Molecular Networks is also available as an experienced partner to develop custom-designed chemoinformatics solutions suited to the partner's specific needs and offers its unique expertise and technology to analyse and model proprietary chemical and biological data.