Features and Benefits

  • Best in class for proprietary data: eTOXsys provides access to pharmaceutical proprietary data based on a chemical space that is highly relevant to drug discovery and development.
  • Improved early safety assessment of drug candidates: The data and prediction models provided through eTOXsys can help reduce the chance of late-stage attrition, reducing the time and money spent on drug candidates that will not make it to the market.
  • Improved knowledge-based decision-making: New drug candidates with similar structures or pharmacological effects, can be compared head-to-head with eTOX data and models to facilitate decision making.
  • Rapid assessment of drug candidates: Both read-across and in silico predictions can be reviewed seamlessly within one software solution.
  • Predictions relevant for user’s chemical space: Using eTOXlabs to train models on in-house data can increase the relevancy of predictions.
  • Optimise early in vitro and in vivo studies: Data and predictions from eTOXsys can provide valuable insight into potential toxicity liabilities of early drug candidates allowing early in vitro and in vivo studies to be tailored.